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Poem of the Month: April 2020

THE WEIGHINGby Jane Hirshfield The heart’s reasonsseen clearly,even the hardestwill carryits whip-marks and sadnessand must be forgiven. As the drought-starvedeland forgivesthe drought-starved lionwho finally takes her,enters willingly thenthe life she cannot refuse,and is lion, is fed,and does not remember the other. So few grains of happinessmeasured against all the darkand still the scales balance. The…

Poem of the Month: March 2020

I have loved Mary Oliver’s poetry since I stumbled upon “White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field,” printed on the back of the order of service at my friend Emily’s funeral. I bought my first Oliver collection the next day. Praying It doesn’t have to bethe blue iris, it could beweeds in a…

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