Thoughts & in this time of crisis.

On Grief and Facebook

I resumed looking at Facebook a few months back after a year’s absence. I wanted to post links to my blog and had no intention of doing anything more. After only a week of pandemic self-isolation, I found myself longing for connection and some good laughs and links to articles the PBS Newshour doesn’t cover. … Continue reading On Grief and Facebook

On Suffering and the Fear of Death

The pandemic has spun my ongoing existential crisis into a force 5 hurricane. I’m practicing mindfulness to cope. The practice offers me many moments of calm in the storm, but I possess an overly busy brain, and I’ve continued grappling with big issues of human experience—suffering, death, love, and meaning—and I spin out into the … Continue reading On Suffering and the Fear of Death

On Journaling (PJ #5)

I have kept a handwritten daily journal for the past 8 years. Most mornings, I rise from disturbed nights with relief, make coffee, and sit at my desk to tame with syntax some frayed and tangled thread that dangles from the chaos of my consciousness. I’m writing in a crisp new black book now; I … Continue reading On Journaling (PJ #5)

Connection and Distance (4)

I went to Trader Joe’s on Sunday, the first time I’d seen real live humans in-person outside my house for ten days. I’d had to drive to Massachusetts to retrieve my child’s belongings so they would have what they needed to start school on Thursday, online, for the remainder of their senior year of high … Continue reading Connection and Distance (4)

A Pandemic Sonnet

I’ve been reading (and posting) a lot of poetry which I find to be salve for my suffering soul. I saw a friend’s recent Facebook post (McSweeney’s recent piece, “Famous Lines of Poetry Revised for the Age of Coronavirus” and was reminded of my long ignored pleasure in tweaking up others’ work to make something … Continue reading A Pandemic Sonnet

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