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Maxim Matrix: Part I, Frugality

The film The Matrix haunts me on SO many levels, but this ramble is not about science fiction or film or conspiracy. It’s about family (Surprise!), and maxims’ role in the larger code of family programming. A maxim is a brief statement of a general truth, principle, or rule for behavior, according to the Cambridge … Continue reading Maxim Matrix: Part I, Frugality

Perfectionism: A Triad

Greetings! I’m back in a wee way for now. Lots of things percolating, but nothing ready for a good pour. We Druidy types (and many others) are quite fond of things that come in threes. The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids includes triads as one of the many recurring…hmmm…harmonies?…of their teachings, and in my … Continue reading Perfectionism: A Triad

Bottomless Tea

I sat at a formica table at Red’s, spinning my coffee mug around on the paper placemat, still recovering from the significant challenge of getting my wheelchair into the diner’s makeshift accessible entrance (people eating actually had to get up and the server had to move a table so I could get by…aaagh…but that’s a … Continue reading Bottomless Tea

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