Bottomless Tea

I sat at a formica table at Red’s, spinning my coffee mug around on the paper placemat, still recovering from the significant challenge of getting my wheelchair into the diner’s makeshift accessible entrance (people eating actually had to get up and the server had to move a table so I could get by…aaagh…but that’s a … Continue reading Bottomless Tea

On Choices

A few months ago I drove to New Hampshire, impetuously, to buy a drum I didn’t need and couldn’t really afford. I spent several hours on the sun porch of an old farmhouse at the end of a dirt road. The drum man understood my need to touch and play so many—from small to enormous, … Continue reading On Choices

The Garden

I wrote this essay almost twenty-five years ago and have been thinking of it as I plant this year’s seeds, in a different garden in a different yard.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Keller, we kindergarteners first learned to grow vegetables, tucking handfuls of beans into the folds of damp towels. The sprouting of their … Continue reading The Garden


Sarah had flung herself into the easy chair next to mine upon arriving home after a particularly difficult day at school. Then my fourteen-year-old daughter erupted, sobbing and screaming with frustration. I sat with her. After the flood abated, she sniffled, “Can I sit in your lap?” She draped her tall body over my smaller … Continue reading Mothering