“Swimming to the Other Side” by Pat Humphries/Emma’s Revolution (Apologies for whatever ad might come on at the start of it.)

I have loved this song since first hearing it long ago. It’s a lovely reminder that we are all connected, all even if we often forget that truth. I think we all need this reminder, especially now with all the challenges we face in health, economics, world conflict, and leadership!

I am particularly inspired by the final verse:

When we get there we’ll discover all the gifts we were given to share
Have been with us since life’s beginning, and we never noticed they were there.
We can balance at the brink of wisdom,
Never recognizing we’ve arrived
We’re all swimming to the other side

Today and every day, I invite you to notice your own gifts and connect with another person from your heart (and hopefully, soon, in-person!). May we all connect from that wise and compassionate place of simply being together as human beings searching for what we need and want from this precious life.

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