Greetings! I’m back in a wee way for now. Lots of things percolating, but nothing ready for a good pour.

We Druidy types (and many others) are quite fond of things that come in threes. The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids includes triads as one of the many recurring…hmmm…harmonies?…of their teachings, and in my first year of studies I was encouraged to write my own. I found the form uninspiring, though I am always drawn to threes. I’m sure I was being judgy about oversimplification and put off by the constraints of length; I am prone to overcomplexity, flights of ideas, and essays of length better suited to the 19th century than the 21st.

A Druidic triad shares wisdom by inviting reflection on a topic from three perspectives. (This is my definition). Today, a triad came to me in that magical way that things sometimes do–all whole and complete. I jotted it on the back of an envelope, and decided to end my long blog silence.

Perfectionism is rooted in fear.

  • Fear of punishment of some sort.
  • Fear of disappointing someone whose esteem you seek (including your own).
  • Fear of not having another opportunity.

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